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Grits Green

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Street: 06.23
Grits Green = Hoose + Beastie Boys + Rhyme Time

Grits Green are back with their usual brand of funk-inspired jam hip-hop in their new release, Water. The album kicks off with Criticize My SD Card,which boasts a fantastic buildup with its tapping percussion, funky guitar, powerful keys and vocals. I immediately get the sense of an organic performance among the jam band and the chemistry between the emcees. Next, What’s in Your Pocket” is a track with a mellow looping guitar riff and easy-going percussion, in which the energy comes from the vocal delivery with the lyrics being pushed out at what feels like double speed compared to the accompanying beat. There’s  syncopation between the emcees’ vocal progression against the percussion of each track. “Same” exemplifies this dynamic, with each emcee going word-for-tap against the drums, but the lyrics don’t get lost in the rapid delivery.

The standout is the title track, which starts with a creeping bass and subtle keyboard work. Its overall flow aligns with the album’s title, as it seems to come organically and fluidly. Grits Green are the kind of group whose tracks make me wish I could hear and see them live. With such energy behind the lyrics and funky live-band beats, I can only imagine the atmosphere of one of their shows. If funky bass lines and dueling emcees sound like your cup of tea, then you should check out Water on either iTunes or Spotify. Connor Brady