Active Strand
Hot Lava EP
Bossa Nomad
Street: 12.04.14

Active Strand =
 Arctic Monkeys + Audioslave + Ben Harper

Energetic local act Active Strand have released their first EP Hot Lava this last winter. Having developed a healthy following from their bombastic live sets and funk-meets-rock tunes, the EP is dropped on us in hopes of furthering the excellent Provo rock scene. The short description of the band on Facebook reads, “power trio with a new sound,” which would be the case if the 2004 English rock scene never happened. The music is executed well and the lead singer hits his notes, but his creepy lounge singer swagger makes the album feel like your watching dance moves by Giovanni Ribisi. The album shows good range and never sits too long in any one place, but sometimes you have to learn one good trick before wandering any further. Keep trying, guys—the talent’s there. –Benjamin Tilton