Street: 10.21.13

Anthropology = Don Caballero + Pele + Ghosts and Vodka

It is exciting to hear a young band with such obvious musical talents being put to good use. This type of Midwestern math-pop made by and for music eggheads often goes unexplored by musicians shoehorned into bands who don’t have the same penchant for shredding in some perversely weird time signature or really appreciate near–blast beat double kick drum or two-handed tapping in a pop format. Every once in a while, those musicians find each other and the racket is beautiful. While less jazz-oriented than their Midwestern antecedents (and not heavy enough to be, you know, mathcore), Anthropology often find some kind of demented groove and stay in the pocket for a few seconds before another knee-jerk tempo change will rip them out. Anthology is an infectious, relentlessly positive album full of dizzying highs and brainy, muscular rhythms and melodies. –Ryan Hall