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Arath Gonzalez

Street: 03.17
Arath Gonzalez = Yung Lean + Mc Chris + Slug

With his eerie beats and deadpan flow, Arath Gonzalez’s debut album, 0303000 is filled with sadboy-inspired lyrics and a bare-bones vocal delivery, Arath’s voice creepily meanders on each track. Arath maintains a consistent flow on each track, however the instruments could be more diverse in their range of tempo and the atmospheres they create. Tracks like “ArathisArath” bump along with a sharp repeating synth, while “Easy Chillin’” allows for the synths to sit in the background, not overpowering the track. As you progress through the album, you will find grimier, darker tracks like “Deep” and “FuCk SoMe ShIt,” which are where I felt the album came into its own. “Deep” comes in with a beautiful and atmospheric looping piano sample over a heavy bass beat, followed with pitched-down vocals that lead you into Arath’s first verse, which is delivered dry yet raw. Arath delivers his lyrics in a unique way in that you sense aloofness—the words come out very coldly, especially on tracks like “FuCk SoMe ShIt,” which has a creepy aura with its slow tempo and distorted synth. The album takes a turn for its closing track with “Thnx,” a song with a funky and soothing beat where Arath’s voice shows a bit more emotion, thanking those who got him to this point. It can be daunting at first glance, as there aren’t many albums on SoundCloud with over 10 tracks, but sitting at 18 tracks long, 0303000 offers a good understanding of Arath’s skill as an emcee and range. His lyrics can take on so many different beats, and for a first full-release, I’m impressed. Check out Arath Gonzalez and 0303000 on his SoundCloud. –Connor Brady