Atomic 45
Wake Up Dead
Street: 06.13
Atomic 45 = System of a Down + Rise Against + Anthrax

I hate to be such a typical punk rock fan, but Atomic 45 are substantially better when they pick up the tempo and hit a little harder. “War Machine” is a standout tune on Wake Up Dead and comes at you decisively while hitting all the right places. That’s not to say that they should lose the emotion they so proudly demonstrate throughout the record—in fact, I think it makes them unique when it’s juxtaposed with their more forceful moments. I get the feeling that there are a lot of influences fighting for attention in this group. While the band works together, they are still figuring out how to edit themselves to get where they want to be musically. “Take” is another standout track that knows exactly what it wants to be, and the melody play between chorus and verse is very well-done. –James Orme