B & Company
The World Is Your Pearl
Street: 09.27
B & Company = Jack Johnson + Django Reinhardt + a Latin twist
B & Company is Brandon “B” Barker, the bassist for local project Babble Rabbit, who recruited an assortment of skilled musicians and noise-makers (Djembe, megaphone, typewriter) to put together this delightfully funky 11-song album. It’s beautiful music and fully exciting in an unexpected way. Most of the tracks revolve largely around skillful acoustic guitar playing, and it is seriously no joke. Tricky riffs executed so skillfully that an eavesdropper—who is a skilled guitarist—listening in asked me in disbelief if the album was really local. Kudos, B! You’ve put together something to be proud of, and the musicians and production team involved should all give themselves a pat on the back, too. A+! –Ischa B.