Baby Ghosts
Maybe Ghosts
Street: 08.15
Baby Ghosts = Sariah’s Kiss + Bat Manors + Lydians
For the past two years, Baby Ghosts have been the darlings of the Utah music scene. For that length of time, they’ve been crafting some of the finest, hooks-iest tunes in the West, and they’ve been slinging them relentlessly from gig to gig across the valley and the country. Maybe Ghosts, their second full-length, captures the coed quintet at the last quiet moment they’ve got. They’ve refined their influences—punk, riot grrrl, indie pop, anime and Tumblr—into a bright, confident album, full of punkish ‘90s indie pop tunes with heart and soul and the perfect amount of rock n’ roll. “Ghost Boyfriend,” with cascading guitars and shouted, emotive lyrics, is a gut-wrenching opener that packs enough punch to hang an album on, but don’t expect the tunes to dwindle after that—the rest of the album never lets go of its energy or focus. Get the LP on red vinyl from Baby Ghosts’ Bandcamp for an extra treat, before it sells out. –Christian Schultz