Black Cum
Black Cum Is the Best Band On the Planet and This Is Black Cum’s Best Album
Street: 01.07
Black Cum = Crass + Napalm Death – The Minutemen
With an album title like Black Cum Is the Best Band On the Planet, it’s not surprising that Black Cum talks about Black Cum repeatedly on the song titles and the songs themselves. Extremely lo-fi punk songs with half-spoken, half-shouted vocals over instruments were recorded like, well, there was a microphone somewhere in the vicinity. Walking a tightrope on the thin line of listenability, their Facebook uses the term “(anti-) music.” There is almost a sense of tradition here, except I doubt they take it that seriously, which is a good thing! So bad it’s good? This is what some of the first punks sounded like before they got all wrapped up in being rock stars and punk sold out, becoming just another musical genre, another style of clothing you could purchase at the mall. I wouldn’t go along with their “Best Band” claim, but I might listen to it again sometime if I get drunk enough: –Stakerized!