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Local Review: Black Jupiter – Salvation in a Self-Destructive World EP

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Black Jupiter cover

Black Jupiter Salvation in a Self-Destructive World EP

Self-Released Street: 01.16 Black Jupiter = A Perfect Circle + Radiohead + Pink Floyd

It was so wonderful to listen to such a calm and gripping strut through the melodic wanderings of Black Jupiter’s EP, Salvation in a Self-Destructive World. The heavily instrumental album takes me back to nights sitting at lookout points, wondering where it all ends. With the entire world rushing to the next big catchy thing, it’s nice to see a band confident enough to just be ... and this album dwells in itself to a wonderful extent. Very few times in my listening career have I actually felt relief and peace after taking in a rock album, so thank you, Black Jupiter, for relaxing shoulders and giving the mind a place to explore. Local bands often trip over themselves fighting for attention—it’s good to see some bands haven’t forgotten that they’re simply entertainers. –Benjamin Tilton