Brother Chunky
And Stuff
Street: 08.30
Brother Chunky = Soul to Soul–era Stevie Ray Vaughan + Lonnie Mack

Brother Chunky drives the beat, all bluesy and SRV-ish with his guitar. He’s definitely an able guitarist, though nobody will mistake him for Bert Jansch. Lyrically, he’s missing the sharp edge that characterizes Stevie Ray Vaughan’s best work and the humor of Muddy Waters, two of my favorite blues musicians. He’s dull Billy Joel, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like Billy, Brother Chunky doesn’t really have much to say, yet sometimes he drops an absolute gem on you. Take my new favorite song, “Chicken Pot Pie,” with its refrain, “I got something to say/Chicken Pot Pie, it’s OK.” It’s his simplicity and honesty that win me over here—and maybe just plainspoken warmth that comforts my cynical heart, just like a good chicken pot pie. –Taylor Hale