Christopher Alvarado
Fog Music 12
Aural Films
Street: 09.01
Christopher Alvarado = One Horse Town + White Origins + Carbon111

Christopher Alvarado is an amazing ambient artist, but I feel he should have held on to this a bit longer. I think he could get out there and capture some more sounds of the environment to add to this release. I feel that, in doing so, it would lend this release more stamina and creativity. He could have taken the listener on a longer journey to establish why it was titled “Engulfed Landscape.” I picked it up on a dark, dreary-looking day. I envisioned walking in the rain listening to wet footsteps and cars driving around in their soaked surroundings, which I suppose could be what he was referring to. Although this release was calming and soothing, I couldn’t see where he was trying to take this. I know he has more to give—it just isn’t in this piece. –Mistress Nancy