Christopher Alvarado
Street: 06.14
Christopher Alvarado = Pete Namlook + One Horse Town
This is a release you want to listen to when you just need a moment to relax. This ambient mood music has everything you need to calm down or practice your naked yoga. Personally, I now have a new meditation CD. The soft wind chime sound on the track “Para Siempre” had me almost feeling the wind on my face. Then, with the dark sound of “Luna,” I envisioned trains blowing their horns in the distance during a thunderstorm—some may see cars driving in the rain. These soft soundscapes have the capability to allow your mind to envision anything. You can either dial in on it or just leave it playing for those moments of silence you have periodically through your day. I hope you are stocked up on bubble bath and Nag Champa. –Mistress Nancy