Christopher Alvarado
Modified by Inertia

Street: 11.03.14
Christopher Alvarado = Little Sap Dungeon + White Light Monorail + M.Nomized

This remix release shows many different, talented artists translating our local, world-renowned producer and musician’s work. My least favorite was the opening track, “I Can’t Take Time,” a remix done by Silentport—it sounded good, I just do not prefer them making ambient music. I feel that words provoke thought and distract our minds from the sounds we are hearing. In this style, the music is what should be taking us on the adventure. On the other hand, the calming, soothing sounds of the remaining tracks are very comforting and relaxing. The soothing waves and what appeared to be a subtle violin—or flute-type sound—in “Prelude to Life Forms” mix by Symatic Star carried me away from the stresses of daily life. I recommend meditating in water with this one—it will take you back to the simplistic time of the primordial soup. –Mistress Nancy