Clint Lewis
Street: 05.05.05
Clint Lewis = Harry Chapin + Dexys Midnight Runners
Born and raised in Utah, singer, songwriter and guitarist Clint Lewis is one of our own. He faces the trials of life head-on, finding his passion in music, among many things. This album is filled with Lewis hammering away on the guitar, both acoustic and electric, while drums and brass instruments fill the background. He sets up a nice pop sound that embraces key elements of country, blues and rock—twang and rock performed simultaneously. His songs are comprised of lyrics and beats that inevitably make you start to groove—sometimes slowly, and other times upbeat and energetically. Most importantly, Lewis has a voice and damn sure knows how to use it, hitting a wide range of notes. Clint Lewis has an astounding love for life, and it shines through in every note and strum. –Lizz Corrigan