Cory Mon
My Forlorn Wallet Records
Street: 03.14
Cory Mon = The Felice
Brothers + Tom Waits
Cory Mon captures the essence of light and dark on his new album. North is a series of 10 tracks that produce a sense of enlightenment. Each song is packed with the metanarrative and undeniable matter-of-factness of life. For example, on track “Either Way,” a slower song that still feels nostalgic and somewhat triumphant, he sings, “There are times, I just don’t know.” Don’t worry, it’s not all slow-paced. Cory Mon expresses confidence, and even ceases all instruments to clarify confidence is not cockiness. He forms a roots-rock sensation—a combination of folk, blues and country music. North uses the acoustic guitar as its core instrument, but layers the drums and various smaller instruments beneath the resounding strings. Listeners beware: Listening to North may cause deep meditations. –Lizz Corrigan