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Local Review: Cult Leader – Useless Animal EP

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Cult Leader
Useless Animal EP

Deathwish Inc
Street: 06.16
Cult Leader = Converge + Coalesce

On the heels of the acclaimed debut Nothing For Us Here comes this tiny but crushing EP to grind the lesser music out of your ears. Both “Useless Animal” and “Gutter Gods” are short tracks, like brutal slashes with rusty blades, but there is so much energy and atmosphere in their frantic, ugly rhythms. The stand-out track is easily the cover of Mark Kozelek’s “You Are Not My Blood,” wherein the band is joined by SubRosa members to showcase their range with this deep, brooding dirge. Anthony Lucero’s dramatic, clean vox, in particular, were an enjoyable surprise. There is a distinct, dark anger in Cult Leader’s music that I have honestly felt only on a few records ever, and it’s that unique adrenaline that keeps me coming back. My only complaint is this isn’t a fucking full-length, and I’m still thirsty. Replay. –Megan Kennedy