Era EP
Damn Son!
Street: 04.08
Dekai = Zeds Dead + (Kill The Noise – Wolfgang Gartner)
The indigenous sounds of Dekai’s latest work are not to be taken lightly. This young rogue, Derek Page, has welded his love of percussion and industrial sounds with the ever-evolving technology of the EDM scene—creating a real beast of an EP. Though bass heavy, this five-track album elevates listeners by merging contrasting sounds—creating a harmonious, ethnic melody throughout. Technically, Page has managed to produce tracks that possess textbook elements of dubstep: ingenious, punchy sub-bass and hi-hat movements, echoed, clean layers, a variety of builds, drops and crisp vocals. “Rituals” was the standout piece of the puzzle that encapsulates what I felt was the essence of the EP. This is a stellar local release that deserves national recognition. –Kamryn Feigel