Dying Is Easy
Esoteric Entertainment
Street: 03.08.11
D.I.E. = NIN + Carlos Satana + Dead Can Dance
D.I.E. is a project that is composed in a couple of different regions. Jason Wright is a guitarist based out of California and J. “Bunnie” Dreher is a local keyboardist and producer. Their work on this CD was mesmerizing. There is not any actual singing on this collection of tracks—instead, it’s filled with distorted, dark, speaking and various voice samples. The guitar seemed to do most of the singing with its smooth, crying sound. The drums put me in a trance-like state with their hypnotizing yet thundering tribal sounds. Although this musical adventure has a disturbing title and reflects trying historical moments, it was calming and soothing to my ears. It took me on a journey through the past, revealing to me some of the courage and errors of humanity. –Mistress Nancy