Mass Grave
Another Element Recordings
Street: 12.20.14
DiseNgaged = Autopsy + Overkill

Hold on to your butts, death metal fans! This may be a short five-song EP, but from the eerie dirge opening of “Unearthing” to the grating thrash of “I Am The Devil,” DiseNgaged’s newest release will satisfy what ails you. The cozy old-school elements of the genre are all present and accounted for, with the band foregoing any “core” or newer-generational elements that so much death metal includes nowadays. Dez Troy’s vocals are super engaging, a crazy brutal mix of Randy Blythe of Lamb of God and more traditional death metal screeching that is more understandable than not, giving listeners a chance to connect with the lyrics. If you’re looking for that dependable old-school sound, look no further—but let’s pester these gents to put out a new full-length soon. –Megan Kennedy