Spies Of The System: 03–14
Nueve Music

Street: 06.05

DulceSky = Depeche Mode + Alcest + The Cure +
 Echo and the Bunnymen

DulceSky and their “best of” album, Spies of the System: 03–14, encapsulates everything I love about rock that has a new wave/gothic feel to it. Although the band consider themselves to be shoegaze (and they do have moments that fit into that category), their use of melodic structure, clean vocal style and electronic elements definitely hearken back to a sound popular in the 1980s. This doesn’t mean that the album contains any of the cheesy elements of that time period. Considering that their songs do have a somber tone to them, the music and lyrics never get to be whiny or laborious to sit through. In fact, this is an album that would be perfect to listen to by a fire, with a nice bottle of red wine and a mood for serious introspection. If compilation albums are designed to attract new fans, then as far as I’m concerned: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! –R.G.B. Robb