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: Erin Haley - Catastrophe FantasticErin Haley
Catastrophe Fantastic

Erin Haley = Ani DiFranco + Regina Spektor + Russian accent

It’s clear Erin Haley is loaded with talent, and luckily, she has a great recording to promote herself. I probably hear two or three new hopeful major-label piano/singing divas appear on the musical horizon every month, and Erin has just as much talent as any of them. Quirky, minimal piano interlaces with Erin’s rich, smooth voice. My only complaint is that the Ani DiFranco influence (in the vocal rhythm especially) comes out too much sometimes, down to spoken-word poetry, except with more piano than guitar. But at least Erin’s voice is way better than Ani’s, coming closer to Fiona Apple’s quality and tone.