Excrementum Luciferi
Nos Inducas Tuum
Street: 11.30.13
Excrementum Luciferi = Skumlord x Hellhammer
One-man act Voltov opens Excrementum Luciferi’s debut with “Defecration (Intro),” which employs a heavily distorted, oscillating L–R speech sample for this bile-pile, raw black metal affair. “The Great God Pain” ensues as the first proper song of the release, and Voltov’s effects-laden vocals gloop onto a dense blastbeat. The bright guitar distortion of “Procession to the Primordial Mound (The Final Cult)” infects this audial wound as it shapeshifts to a melodic dirge—Voltov intensifies his vocals at this juncture, which lie somewhere between Mark of the Devil’s (Cultes des Ghoules) guttural drone and a gruff rasp. The title track is a chuggy affair, and the album climaxes with “Protoplasmic Genesis,” whose relentless beats underpin a grating vocal assault. “Fetid” surely is the name of the game with this demo, as Nos Inducas Tuum Fetidness defiles the ear like fecal sewage flooding nostrils—satisfying and hearty, a great introduction to a project that shows promise. –Alexander Ortega