False Witness
Helplessly Alive
Street: 10.26.13
False Witness = Killswitch Engage + The Agonist + All Shall Perish
Opening with the engaging instrumental “Silhouettes of the Damned,” driven by double bass drums and a blues-themed guitar solo, the mood is set when vocalist Mckae Nielsen lets out his screams. Let the headbanging ensue. With a multitude of growls and double bass on songs like “Last Words” and “Break,” what stood out to me was when they steered away from the formula of atonal riffs and breakdowns and produced heavily melodic and efficient guitar solos. Though a lot of the lyrics and riffs sound like what I’ve heard before in other metalcore bands, it’s refreshing to hear a certain amount of groove along with raspier vocals, presenting a sound more linked to Lamb of God. Overall an extremely heavy EP, I enjoyed it until I became aware of the ever-increasing pain and stiffness in my neck. –Eric U. Norris