For All The Girls
70 Love Songs
Street: 02.14
For All The Girls = The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs + Daniel Johnston
Seriously, Drew Danburry, do you ever stop? “For All The Girls” is a solid compilation of woman-lovin’ by Danburry featuring almost every single Provo musician in existence. Embracing romance, heartache and confusion, the variety of musicians makes it so that each song is unique enough to avoid any sort of boredom while listening. Favorites were hard to choose, since there’s a lot of good on this, but I tried: “Gabrielle” feat. Pleasant Pictures, and “Cassie” feat. Mooninite both have fun establishing a more mellow, electronic dance vibe, and “Juanita” feat. John-Ross Boyce and his Troubles kills it again with sultry, bluesy twang. –Brinley Froelich