Forest Feathers
Street: 12.01.13
Forest Feathers = The Antlers + Mount Eerie
With Hush, local artist Cam Sackett takes us through the cosmos on a journey through space and time, crafting a luscious album sprinkled with stardust and glitter. “Stargazer I” and “Stargazer II” start the EP on an epic note that leads humbly into “Mumbled love.” Later, “Slumber & other short stories” is where the journey—for me—really took off, as it conjured up a vivid image of being a kid tip-toeing through the house in order to embark on an epic dream journey with fantastic possibilities. Clocking in as the longest track on the album, this song was appropriate for such an arc to really be explored. The soft instrumentation used with the marimba and other electronic elements work well, in this and throughout the EP. –Brinley Froelich