Foster Body
Plastic Arts Records
Street: 03.01
Foster Body = ’70s-era Siouxsie and the Banshees + ’80s-era Sonic Youth
Foster Body are a punk combo comprised of four of SLC’s hardest-working millennials, happening an alternative scene around their friendships. Landscapes, their debut EP, captures the group at a brilliant moment of process—merging strong musical sentiments and live performance practice into a compelling vision for contemporary post-punk. The album, recorded by Michael Fuchs (of Passive Tourist) and mastered by Matt Mateus, is a swirling mass of avant-hardcore and shuddering art punk that recalls the fury and odd excitements of early post-punk, no wave and noise recording. Individual elements—Dyana Durfee’s quick and lithe bass fingers, Robin Banks’ eerily echoed vocal bursts, Madison Donnelly’s quick, resolute drumming and Korey Daniel Martin’s many-sided guitar tones—are all met in fabulous balance over these eight brief tracks, marking Landscapes as a marvelous taste of punk potential. Here is a group at the first peak of their talent, poised for their next possibility. –Christian Schultz