Street: 09.28
Gothen = Beirut / Sufjan Stevens + Andrew Bird
What can you say about a local album that measures closely to established contemporary acts like Grizzly Bear? It’s clear who Gothen’s influences are, but it’s also clear they understand how to develop fine music rather than mimic it. The heart behind each instrument played and each note from vocalist Evan Jolley is apparent in the grace that flows from this album. Try listening to “Mong York” and not getting carried away in a spirit of bliss. The last minute of the song is nearly angelic, and gives me visions filled with light. Gothen could channel baroque pop greats The Left Banke if they utilized vocal harmonies and rock melodies, but slower and darker, fantastic tracks like “Night of Faith” take their cues from current talents like James Blake. Regardless, this album is one to be treasured. –Justin Gallegos