Gravecode Nebula

Sempiternal Void

Baneful Genesis

Street: 11.01.13

Gravecode Nebula = Esoteric + Ved Buens Ende + Virus

This massive debut album from Gravecode Nebula is the stuff nightmares, or what those really weird dreams that don’t make any sense are made of. Ultimately, it’s all just beyond heavy—doom/dirge gravel on gravel riffs that overflow in slow portions of songs followed by some ripping black metal–type riffs which seamlessly morph into dark, psychedelic–like oddities. All of it is not an easy listening experience— it’s more akin to flesh being ripped from your skull only to have a strange ectoplasm of healing applied by extraterrestrial microorganisms. There are more reasons to listen to this than minutes on the album. Stare into the void, contemplate the meaning of life, think of Bob Ross happy trees in conjunction with humanity consuming itself. All of those reasons make just as much sense as this album makes you actually feel. This is a feel. This is a feast for carrion for decades to come. –Bryer Wharton