Grits Green
Imagination in Motion
Street: 01.07
Grits Green = Pepper + Murs + Kid Rock
I commend Grits Green for having a unique and innovative sound in their most recent album, Imagination in Motion—though it’s hard to classify it as solely hip-hop/rap. The group brings a funk-like melody reminiscent of reggae sounds. Band members include Greggy Shaw on bass, Jeremy Beising on drums and Jonny Knoder on guitar. MCs Rhagenetix and Porta D have two completely different styles of storytelling flow delivery, which, surprisingly, clash well. “All We Need” sounds like the group’s anthem: “The flow will grow, we just gotta plant the seed. You could bring the 30 pack, Swisher and some weed. But as long as we’re together, that’s all we need. Cheer up, hold your beer up, it might be raining right now, but it’ll clear up.” –Allie Russell