Hectic Hobo
Our Medicine Will Do You In
Street: 08.15
Hectic Hobo = Squirrel Nut Zippers + Tom Waits
The Hobos are back with their third venture. This time around, their sound focuses much more on the piano, and an outstanding violin player has joined their ranks (as heard on “Scarecrow Jones”). Production quality has improved tenfold, lending more to the music than they previously could on We Lost Our Legs In The War, We Just Can’t Remember Which War. The accordion is less prominent, and there is more balance in the percussion and bass. The band has delved headfirst into folky twang—where they previously waded at armpit level—and it’s mixed with a previously unrepresented 1920s ragtime influence. Auxiliary instruments are still vital to their sound, such as an especially ghostly saw on “Prison Prayer” and percussive chains on “Hole in My Coffin.” Most lyrical content involves heavy drinking or the woes of love. This album is more well-rounded and versatile than the last. Turn it on, and you won’t stop stomping your feet to this rhythmic masterpiece. –LeAundra Jeffs