Hurris & Gig
As Good As It Was
Street: 02.18
Hurris & Gig = (Brother Ali – politics) + Common

This flow is severe. Hurris & Gig have seasoned spitting skills that, I can tell, have been honed over many practice sessions. They’ve found their style and pronounce perfected syllabic resonances right on time. As Good As It Was is a well-rounded effort with bluesy and jazz-infused tracks. Most are littered with local cultural references such as the Park Cafe and Mormonism. Other than that, however, the lyrics are often lacking. This creates a strange contrast between the intensity with which they are articulating and the words they are actually voicing. Too much of their lyrical focus is spent on themselves, and it comes across as hollow. There are still many geodes to find, though “Captain Crunch Time” and “Morbid” have witty moments and exceptionally good backing tracks. I’m excited for the future of this duo and will be looking for any new and possibly more mature music. –LeAundra Jeffs