I See Your Nightmares
Affinity For Broken Things
Street: 11.12.13
I See Your Nightmares = Bob Moss + Caroliner Rainbow – Devendra Banhart
The latest entrant in the local oddball folk music area, I See Your Nightmares includes some experimental and even slightly prog-amplified touches, like in the fuzzed-out musings of “Crocodile Tongues.” The band name doesn’t seem to be going for creepy, but intimately endearing, judging by the music—a minimalist set that could’ve been recorded in someone’s bedroom. The “Sweet Demons” of the songs seem relatively harmless, even slightly playful. If there were any doubt about their philosophical leanings, “The Future Belongs to WZRDS Only” with its ukulele-accompanied crooning should lay the hipster nerd question to nightmare-free rest. –Stakerized!