Local Review: Invisible Rays – Black Hole Dynamo

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Invisible Rays
Black Hole Dynamo

Shit Hot Records
Invisible Rays = Melvins + War of the Worlds + Thee Soda Jerks


Invisible Rays, formed from members of Ogden nemeses The Debonairs and The Igniters, strip down to drums, keyboards and bass; nakedly harking back to a dirtier, dronier version of Girls Against Boys mixed with a tadpole amount of Melvins punk heaviness and spirit of non-compromise, especially in “Scorpius X1.” The droning is the best part—choppy, non-changing keys switching off with choppy, non-changing bass kind of reminds of locals The Horns and new major-label investment The Zutons. Invisible Rays have the space-themed B-movie eclecticism of certain old garage bands but with a modern sound. “Illuminator” is my least favorite song; aforementioned “Scorpius XI” my favorite.