Joe Ecker
Into the World
Midnight Records Productions
Street: 06.20.13
Joe Ecker = Goo Goo Dolls + Dashboard Confessional
Moodier than Garfield on Monday and not nearly as fun, Joe Ecker makes up for what he lacks in musicianship with a strong voice and earnest (almost embarrassing) lyrics. It sounds less like a concise, conceptual album than a collection of attempts at Ecker finding his voice. He’s almost found it—he just needs a light. “It’s Not Over” was a meandering disappointment at first, until a guitar solo blew up in the middle and completely changed the track. There are some surprisingly lucid guitar solos that just sort of pop their heads into the middle of a song like gophers. You don’t have to dig to find pleasure in some of these tracks. It’ll find you. Just show some goddamn patience. –Taylor Hale