J.P. Whipple
Thinking of you…Staring at the Power Lines
Street: 07.18.14
J.P. Whipple = Slug Guts + Muddy Waters

Thinking of you…Staring at the Power Lines is the lovely combination of prominent banjo playing, gothic folk, a dash of psychedelia and haunted vocals wrapped into a brilliantly unique, dark, vintage sound. Waste little time and switch this on. Once “On the Run” blares over your speakers, prepare for the bite of a deliciously gritty, 11-track ride. The key ingredients to pay attention to for this speciality are “Ordinary Skin,” “Dumpster Dan” and “Mother Road.” Those suggestions aside, this is quite simply remarkable and unusual for a city of salt and faux purity. JP Whipple and backing band Tycoon Machine are clearly gems and are well worth the attention of any true, hip weirdo out there. –Nick Kuzmack