Koala Temple
Blue Milk
Street: 05.12
Koala Temple = Tame Impala + The Strange Boys

After listening to Blue Milk for the second or third time, I can safely say that Koala Temple gave me a tonic-like restoration of fondness for local psych rock. They had the wit to open with a song that pithily showcases their style’s shuffled deck of reciprocates—noise and melody, jangle and crunch, bong rips and sober grunts. The band waxes their frenetic revivalist element in “King Ruby” and “Raindrop,” right before they lock you into a K-hole with the Can-reminiscent “Und Wir Stoppen.” They then reverse this formula for the latter half of the record, ending everything with the tranquil fanfare “Boy of Stone.” Blue Milk’s quaint 10-track listing leaves me wanting more. If that means I have to start complimenting black light posters and do those semi-hugs dudes give that end with a snap, I’ll at least heavily consider it. –Gregory Gerulat