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Local Review: Kyler Slater – The Winter EP

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Kyler Slater
The Winter EP

Street: 03.02
Kyler Slater = The Fray + First Aid Kit – Justin Townes Earle

The Winter is an appropriate title for this album. This is not a cheer- ful, upbeat kind of album—this is a rainy-day, stare-out-your-window-and- wonder-where-it-all-went-wrong kind of album. The Winter plays beautifully and brushes over your head the way your mom’s hand would when you were a child on the worst kind of bad days. The tracks “On My Own” and “Losing My Mind” are patient and intimate songs that are reminiscent of things you may have heard before but they serve more as a comfort than a redundancy. Kyler Slater show a maturity that is unique for bands just starting out, and they are one of the few bands that can successfully pull off melody without succumbing to a hook. The Winter is a solid first step from these local guys, and I’m honestly curious what they’ll come up with next. –Benjamin Tilton