The Traveler
Street: 08.20
L’Anarchiste = Beirut / Bon Iver + Volcano Choir
This fascinating EP was made with a purpose, and L’Anarchiste should feel good about their direction. Its purpose is to connect their first album with their forthcoming LP, Giant, by introducing fans to a newer sound. I found it very easy to enjoy, with musical influences ranging from Andrew Bird to Death Cab for Cutie. There’s great storytelling with a well-orchestrated folk sound and a few surprises. Vocalist Rob LeCheminant’s sweeping, breathy vocals resemble that of Polytype’s lead singer Mason Porter, which is something I can dig. They’re perfect for L’Anarchiste’s grandiose sound, featuring trumpet and horn in all the right places without being overdone. “Run with the Foxes” is the most memorable because of its distant feeling and experimental but brief flute section. This band just won City Weekly’s coveted Band of the Year for 2013, and they’re living up to the title. –Justin Gallegos