Life in Static
Street: 08.15
Larusso = The Ataris + Decibel Trust
If you’re someone who still digs the alt-rock/emo scene, Larusso nail it. The vocals are passionate, the guitar lines have a nice tone and are well honed, and the production is truly top shelf. The highlights are “The Voice” and “Chase The Sun,” both of which nicely present the band’s sound, even if it isn’t as relevant as it used to be. I can’t decide if Life in Static is a welcome throwback to acts like All American Rejects and Alkaline Trio, or if it’s just a little too late for the type of Warped Tour emo pop that played itself dry seven or eight years ago. I’m also not sure if there’s an undercurrent of Christian themes here or if there are a few too many tired emo clichés and somewhat hackneyed lyrics for me to know the difference. Try Larusso if alt-rock is your thing. –CJ Morgan