Life Has A Way
13 Shots
Street: 01.01.10
Life Has A Way = Guttermouth + Circle Jerks + Blanks 77 + Sloppy Seconds
There are simply not enough bands that approach punk rock the way Life Has A Way does, with humor from the gutter, intensity galore, and an overall “fuck you” attitude that most bands are either too soft or too serious to even approach. These fellas know exactly how to grab from more extreme areas of tempo and rhythm, but keep things melodic at the same time. The different elements come together splendidly, the way good punk rock should, with the band becoming one driving unit. LHAW also do a great job of being a great crossroads of different kinds of punk, with bits of ‘80s hardcore, ‘90s melodicore, some flourishes of ’77-style street punk, and even heavy metal rears its ugly head once in a while. I’m impressed with a band that knows exactly what they want to do and are able to achieve that without fail. – James Orme