Little Sap Dungeon
The Devil’s Autumn Eve
Dungeon Recordings Street: 10.30.14
Little Sap Dungeon = Christopher Alvarado + The Twilight Transmission + White. Light. Monorail

It’s nice to see that these locals are still producing music. They truly have evolved musically, and it shows with this well-polished release. You really have to take time and listen to this three-part piece to experience emotion as your mind takes you on this eerie journey. The first part, “While you Were Asleep in the Woods,” takes you on an eerie walk through the woods, twigs popping, as whatever is lurking out there is closing in on you—it engages your mind. Part Two, “The Vulnerable Encounter,” is filled with suspense and energy—it provokes movement with its dirty, grinding and pounding bass. The third and final piece and conclusion is called “Pumpkin Patch Catatonia.” It’s a louder, irritant ambience that builds anxiety. Ambient music is personal and I loved the dark feel of this one. –Mistress Nancy