Lunar Twin
Self-Titled EP
Lunar Industries / Emerald and Doreen Recordings
Street: 11.10.14
Lunar Twin = Leonard Cohen + Everlast + Massive Attack

With ambient synth-pop and amazing vocals, this release is packed with audible ecstasy. This dream-wave duo consists of Salt Lake City’s very own Chris Murphy behind the music and Los Angeles–based Bryce Boudreau on vocals. The sounds of the perfectly placed waves crashing in the song “Sirens” are calming—I enjoyed the creative touch, and they had a meditative effect to them. Boudreau’s soothing voice and soft beats set the mood for romance and will provide relief from a stressful day. When musicians mix sounds of nature into their creativity, the outcome is always beautiful. The catchy track “Metroplex” has a vintage ’80s synth pop feel to it. I wanted to break out the neon leg warmers and dance around my living room. This EP has everything it needs for a great make-out session—it’s soft, sensual and relaxing with a little bit of fun thrown in the mix. –Mistress Nancy