Way With Words EP
Mumbleak Music
Street: 12.01.13
Mideau = Daughter + Florence and the Machine
If you’ve been paying any bit of attention to the local indie scene this past year, you’ve already discovered the treasured musical delight that is Mideau. Haunting, yet dreamy and mystically fun, Mideau gives us a taste of what they’re all about, keeping us on a sugar high until they release their debut. Sadly, the EP clocks in at under 15 minutes, and while it’s definitely short, it’s still charmingly sweet. They shake things up by including an electronically upbeat Faded Paper Figures remix of “Hejduk”—a track that’s originally pretty slow. Put simply, this is a nice treat to tide you over until they re-release their debut nationwide or record a sophomore album—or, it’s a great introduction to one of Salt Lake’s most cherished acts. –Allison Shephard