M.Nomized & Christopher Alvarado
Sad Moon

Street: 08.31.14
M.Nomized & Christopher Alvarado = Iszoloscope + Little Sap Dungeon + Numb

Local artist Christopher Alvarado shows here that there are no bounds of his creativity and his vast networking skills, as he teams up with France’s M.Nomized. This release shows a perfect splicing of talent with the finished product being an intriguing and stimulating, dark, downtempo and ambient style. It appears that our local artist is making himself well known globally, and he is not going to slow down anytime soon. “Last Rotation” had me envisioning myself on a mine cart, journeying through its shafts on my way down through the depths of hell. It was as if I were listening to the metal wheels of my cart grind down the railways as the wind howled through the tunnels. As I came closer to my destination, it seemed as if I was hearing the screams of the condemned. Much to my delight, this track was dark, horrifying and torturous. –Mistress Nancy