Moonlets & Ben Q Best
Moonlets/Ben Q Best
Hel Audio
Street: 07.12
Moonlets & Ben Q Best = Teebs + Delia Derbyshire + NeoTantrik
I’ve enjoyed all of the releases from Hel Audio that I have reviewed. They remind me of music released and supported by labels such as Brainfeeder and Andy Votel’s Dead-Cert imprint. The fact that I am able to compare the sounds on Moonlets/Ben Q Best—in any form—to those promoted and released by some of my favorite labels, is a high compliment. Best and Moonlet (Andrew Aguilera) are aesthetically well-suited to one another. Dominantly electronic instrumentation and warm tones create a dream-like atmosphere for the listener to drift along and take comfort within. Each of the 25 pieces clocks in at around or under five minutes, with Best’s tracks being the more lo-fi and cleverly titled of the two sets. Moonlet’s half of the split is my favorite, though I recommend listening to Moonlets/Ben Q Best as a whole. –T.H.