Mustard Tiger/Satanic Hispanic
City of DIS
Street: 01.22
Mustard Tiger/Satanic Hispanic = Insect Warfare + Infest + Unholy Grave
This grind/fastcore/powerviolence  split comes from two groups who don’t take themselves too seriously. Mustard Tiger, whose name is derived from an insult hurled during an episode of Trailer Park Boys, bring some raw jams to their side—and we’re talking raw. Their tracks sound like they may have been recorded by an old Magnavox boom box set up in the corner of their practice space. A self-professed joke band, they play fast and loose, scream about things like having no socks and the price of orange juice, and do it in six tracks totaling less than five minutes. The second half of the split is occupied by Satanic Hispanic, who bring a comparatively polished recording also played at warp speed. Interspersed movie sound-bytes complement their dirty take on crusty, noisy hardcore. This split is raw, underground, loud, and doesn’t care what you think. By those standards, it totally works. –Peter Fryer