Out, Out
Songs to Forget Me By
Street: 02.14
Out, Out = Biffy Clyro + Snow Patrol + Straylight Run
Songs to Forget Me By is rife with songs ripped from the romantic, early ‘00s atmospheric alt-pop camp, which is fine, but I must say I was bored for most of this album. A few standouts are “Let’s be Honest,” which has an almost country-inspired acoustic intro with nice harmonics on electric guitar, and “Bread Line” with an interesting, catchy melody and some tickling guitar work if you’re patient enough to stay the entire length. Lyrically, the album is kind of a downer, and I’d expect lyrics a touch more eloquent from a band with the same name as a well-loved Robert Frost poem. Ultimately, the album is certainly likeable and the group has a well-defined sound, but songs blend into each other and some are really long (many clock in at over 6:00). Experimentation would really help them broaden their sound and make sure their songs aren’t forgotten –CJ Morgan