Parlor Hawk
Street: 09.14
Parlor Hawk = Band of Horses + Ryan Adams
For their second album, Provo’s Parlor Hawk looked to make a slight departure from the sound of Hoarse & Roaming—their 2010 Northplatte Records release that seemed heavily influenced by producer Joshua James—and dabble a bit more in the rock side of their indie rock/folk genre. Though the self-titled effort definitely succeeds in this, you’ll still find some more grounded tunes here, especially “Scars” and “Save Me.” The album’s producer, Nate Pyfer (The Moth & The Flame, Polytype), once again shows his magic touch over the solid 11-track offering. Parlor Hawk feels like an indie production without ever sounding like one. Tracks like “Broken Home” and “The Wind” seamlessly blend lead singer Andrew Clifford Capener’s organic, hopeful voice with distant-sounding instruments and unidentified sounds, making the LP less about listening and more about experiencing. –Blake Leszczynski