The End is to Begin
Street: 02.14
Q1 = Slug + Del The Funky Homosapien
Anyone that pays homage to Eminem on his album has my respect. Q1’s debut solo album, The End is to Begin, has such a unique sound that exemplifies his passion for hip-hop. While the production is more focused on the storytelling antics, each song has a unique style, which combines sounds reminiscent of East Coast and Midwest hip-hop. He flows about his inspirations, passions and life stories up to this point. Incorporating his family and killer local emcees, like Atheist, Donnie Bonelli, Mimi Knowles, Chance Lewis and more, leaves this album with a solid Wasatch sound. The theme of the album can be heard in the opening track, “To end is to begin. Let’s end, let’s end, let’s end …” Other tracks worth checking: “Pictures of You,” “Do What You Do,” and Atheist’s verse on “Weird Science” is straight fire! I can’t wait to hear more from Q1. –Allie Russell