Rise In Style
Street: 02.18
Rise in Style = Blink-182 + Out Out
This six-song album has notes borrowed from a variety of alternative rockers. Opener “Do Away” is a hopeful anthem that strokes the edge of Angels and Airwaves without the excessive reverb. “Revival” has a post-hardcore, At the Drive-In feel, though without as much edge. Closing track “Waiting For You” brought 311 to mind, though not quite as experimental or broad in scope. This group has plenty of potential, the cuts have solid production, and the album has a nice flow from track to track. If I have one problem, it’s that their alt-rock sound is too clean. The songs are catchy but pretty straightforward, and they aren’t very challenging—they’d nestle in perfectly on stations like X96. I’d love to see this group really let loose and inject a little more grunge to the mix—I’m almost offended by how inoffensive they are. –CJ Morgan